" August 2014 - Among many ancient relics that definitely "threaten" our traditional school of thought are the so-called Nomoli figures found in Sierra Leone, West Africa."
"The Nomoli are controversial stone figures dated from 2,500 years to approximately 15,000 BC and even 17,000 BC. They seem to prove the existence of an ancient civilization much more advanced than it "should" be."
"All the indications are that about 17,000 years ago, a highly sophisticated civilization existed in the current West Africa."
Legend tells that:
"They wandered without let or hindrance to places where no man had ever been before. One could not look them in the face because their eyes were so bright that it hurt one's own eyes to look at them. It was like looking at the sun."

T. A. Joyce 1905
"I was informed by Mendi and Timni alike that they were of supernatural origin (‘God made them’) and that no one in their country could make anything like the"

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"Myth and legend of Western Africa says that in ancient times a people of angels lived in heaven. As a cause of bad behaviour God banned them from the divine empire. To punish the angels he transformed them into men and sends them to Earth. The Nomoli Statues are said to be a reminder of those once divine creatures. The natives often call the figures “men in stone”. But some see them as guardian gods who brings luck."

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