Angelo Pitoni (1924-2009) was an Italian geologist, explorer, Diamond Miner and discover of Nomoli Figurines

“Sky Stone” appears similar to concrete or stucco 

 Is found in soil layers dating to at least 12000 BC

& Contains Iridium (extraterrestrial)

Angelo Pitoni & The "Sky Stones"









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                                             Mystery Park Museum – Interlaken, Switzerland

Pitoni when he was in Sierra Leone. There, the indigenous population have a legend saying that “diamonds are stars which fell from the sky.” Joking with them one day, Pitoni said: but if the stars fell, then so too must the sky have fallen!” Their reply was: “yes, and we know where it fell…”
A local shaman then brought him to a place where there were some pieces of this blue material on the ground.  Digging into the ground, he found over 200 kg of it which was not in a natural formation, but rather set in a pyramid shape."
(Jared Collins The Sky Stone) 

Specimen sent to GRS Swisslabs by Jared Collins 

"SkyStones" are often found with Nomoli Figurines and Diamonds

As Legend Tells Us:

The part of the sky in which the Nomoli Angels lived turned to stone. It splintered and fell to Earth as pieces of rock.

GRS Swisslabs Examined & Returned:

77% Oxygen

Sky Blue Color is a complete mystery


"no terrestrial correspondence"
"no idea how it was produced"